The new iPad

Unveiled by the new CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, the new iPad was launched on the 7th March 2012, this then lead to the Apple store being down to around 12am on the 8th March 2012.

Released today, 16th March 2012 at 8am, my pre-ordered new iPad arrived at 9:30am , shame I was in college. However, now I’m home and I’ve been asked by many people to do a review, and as said in the about me page, this was one of the main reasons for me to start up this new blog.

The packaging of the new iPad is the same as the previous models of the iPad, with a white box and picture of the iPad on the front, with the usual designed by Apple in California and manufactured in China. It’s funny how they don’t talk about the factory that it was made in *looks at foxconn*.

From first looks, the new iPad for me is pretty epic, but then again, for me it is my first iPad, so it would differ compared to those who has had an iPad before, some of which have said that they have struggled to see much change in the new iPad, even with the screen, it’s hard to notice any difference, however, I’m going to try to compare the iPad 2 to the new iPad when I’m in college and see if I can notice much difference. However, I have to say, the graphics look absolutely amazing, the only thing that I think is a downfall is that there isn’t many sources that are do the insanely high resolution on the “retina” display any justice, so, despite the high screen quality, some videos, especially some of those on youtube.

One thing that really annoyed me in the press is about the mass of the new iPad, honestly, you can’t tell much of a difference, the improved battery to support the A5X processor which has lead to the use time staying at 10 hours. The mass change of the iPad from the second generation is only something small change of something like 51g, so can we all stop please moaning about the weight change.

The new iPad has been married to a new camera with the set up as that available in the iPhone 4s but with a 5mp sensor which for me atleast, is more than plenty, who will seriously go around using their iPad to take pictures? When people say size doesn’t matter, in this case chaps, I’m afraid it does. However, the pictures produced by the back camera are of a really good quality, and you never know, I could be eating  my words with a new craze of iPad snappers. However, as to be expected, there are some problems with the camera. One of these issues being that the digital zoom on the iPad, as with most cameras, leads to what I’d call quality suicide. Another thing, that was to be expected with the camera is that the noise that appears on the camera when you use it with low lighting conditions, it just ruins it. However, providing you’re close to the object and have some good light, the camera should be fine. I’ll try and and get some pictures during a day and post it on here.

I think this is enough to write for a first time review, as I’m not sure what to write and I’m not sure if what I am writing is just waffle, however, if you do have any questions or anything you’d like to know, please post a comment or contact me via twitter.

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