Saving Money on Holiday

It’s coming close to the time when you start eyeing holidays that you wouldn’t mind going on during the school holiday, but how do you stay in touch with friends and family back home and how do they stay in touch with you?

Mobile phones wouldn’t be the best of ideas to use abroad, depending on which country you’re going, the cost of calling home from abroad can be dangerously expensive, in some cases, costing £1.25/min* to receive a call and £1.50/min* to make a call. And don’t even get started on Data, unless you get a hideously expensive data bundle, data is charged at £6/MB*. Even with bundles, O2 are looking to charge £40/month for 50MB and £120/month for 200MB. So, I think it’s safe to say, UK networks are not our friends in this dilemma.

Fear not, there may be some options that may part the UK networks from your wallet…

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