I need a canvas…

Decisions, decisions, decisions…

So, Tesco is doing half price canvas’ and I have been looking to get one to go in my room, however, I wanted to be original and wanted to make one myself or make parts of it myself so it would be unique.

Now, I’ve come to a bit of a pickle, I’m not exactly sure which one I should choose to feature on my wall.

Which one do you like? Post your thoughts on the comments below or tweet me @_Junel_


Martin Luther King (Click to Enlarge)

Martin Luther King

Lyrical | Jessie J and Tinie Tempah (Click to Enlarge)


Thanks! Once again, comments or tweet me!

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  1. Becc

    Martin Luther king, I love the look of it (: reallygood idea Junel :D xxx

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