Virgin Media Issues

This is big news, I don’t know how to break it to everyone, I’m a teenager and I have limited internet access, how am I supposed to live?

Obviously, that’s a joke, I can live, I have mobile internet provided by O2. Well, I think it would be easier what’s going on and why Virgin Media has been making me unhappy.

Suddenly, out of no where, my ability to access the internet using my Virgin Media Cable internet was no more. After doing the same monotonous task of switching it off and on again, I decided it was time for me to ring the call centres of Virgin Media by calling 151 using the landline. After listening to Susan Boyle and another opera song for over 26 minutes, I finally got through to an operator who told me it could be a modem issue, however, to be sure, he would like to put me on hold for another 3 minutes, cue even more face palm promoting music, yaaay! After an excruciating wait which could easily make my ears bleed, I was told it was the problem that I was experiencing was due to the modem which lead to me being internetless.

However, during that phone call, I was told that engineer would have to visit the house in order to fix the problem, however, since it was a problem with my modem, would it not be easier to just send me a new modem through the post or via a courier service and send me a modem, wouldn’t that be cheaper and more convenient to me since the earliest an engineer could visit my house was on Monday between 12 and 4. Oh dear, I wonder if it actually will be between 12 till 4.

After the phone call, I suddenly remember I have another Virgin modem from last time we had Virgin Media broadband and thought whether or not it would work if I replaced the one I had now with the one I had stored “safely” upstairs somewhere. After looking through the jungle erm, I mean store room, I found it, and proceeded to plug it in, hoping to jump back on the internet. After plugging it in, I seen that I was able to connect externally and my Open DNS updater was acknowledging that, however, I would have to reactivate with Virgin Media as it’s a different router, sure, I’ll do it and spend another 25 minutes of “cheerful” music, as long as I can get back onto the internet which seemed possible as the activation website for VM was pulled from an external server, which shown the modem was the problem. However, once calling Virgin Media, waiting through the 25 minutes, I handed my MAC address over for the new router, to be told that the router is no longer on their inventory so they cannot add it into my account.


So close, yet so far away, why, oh why Virgin Media, if you have access to add a MAC address to an account, can you not add one that is no longer on your inventory, and why isn’t it on your inventory? All I want is my internet access back and to get the service that we are paying for, is that too long to ask, I cannot wait till Monday!

But yeah, rant over now.

EDIT: After leaving the modem and router switched off for the whole night and half the day, the problems seems to have remedied itself.

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