Dear Blackberry

Dear BlackBerry,

I have a bone to pick with you.

Here I was happily tweeting away to Princess Peach when you decided enough is enough, you were going to disable your radio use because your battery was running a little too low?

Why oh why do you find the need to do that? What use are you to me if I can’t use the feature that I’m paying for and the reason you were invented. You’re like the little child who takes his ball home if he doesn’t get his way.

What’s the point of disabling all radio signals, but yet staying switched on to point that annoying flashing LED and remind me how rubbish your battery life is? Let me decide how to use MY phone, you’re a phone, your opinions mean jack all to me at times. You don’t have the power to send that one extra BBM, but you have the power to run the backlight every few minutes and tell me that the battery is too low.

I mean, what’s the actual point in the “battery roo low for radio use”? Is it to remind us to charge you? I’m sure the majority of BlackBerry will discover that is there phone has switched off, its because there’s no charge left in your battery. Thanks for using battery power that could have been used to send a message to remind me to charge you, otherwise I would have just started crying because you, my phone, wouldn’t turn on when I pressed a button, the thought of charging you would never have entered my mind!

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